In spite of the laws against sexual harassment, women in New Jersey and around the country still face this problem often at work. Sexual harassment involves unwelcome, inappropriate behavior or acts against a person. It is offensive and threatening and can cause a person’s work and productivity to suffer. You should know how to recognize the signs of it.

Unwanted comments about physical appearance

While people pay compliments about personal appearance often, there’s a difference between a regular compliment and sexual harassment. A comment of a sexual nature that is inappropriate and makes a woman feel uncomfortable is considered harassment. For example, telling a woman that her backside looks good is sexual harassment.

Digital media stalking

Stalking through digital media via the internet can be considered sexual harassment. If the victim is receiving inappropriate, offensive messages, photos, or videos that are not at all subtle, it can make them very uncomfortable. Doing this during working hours or during non-working hours counts as sexual harassment. If the victim tells the other person to stop and they don’t comply, she can take action with her employer.

Physical harassment

Unwanted physical contact such as touching or blocking a person from moving is considered sexual harassment. It can be something as simple as a hand on the back, leaning too close to them, or rubbing a shoulder.

Continuous flirting without consent

Flirting with a woman in the office once is one thing, but if the individual continuously flirts when she lets them know she’s not interested, it’s considered sexual harassment.

Romantic relationships that end

Sometimes, co-workers might end up dating. However, if the couple breaks up and still has to work together, things can become awkward. If one person tries to win the other back and won’t take no for an answer, threatens them, or touches them in a sexual manner, it’s sexual harassment.

Unwelcome comments and jokes

Another type of sexual harassment is when a person makes unwelcome comments or jokes of a sexual nature. Even if some people find this amusing or funny, not everyone feels the same way. Such comments can make the workplace environment hostile and cause some people to feel uncomfortable.

Sexual harassment is something no one should have to endure. It’s especially problematic in the workplace. It’s important to speak up and inform your supervisor if you’ve faced it.

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