While working in New Jersey, you shouldn’t have to worry about your gender having a negative impact on your job. Unfortunately, discrimination takes place against males and females. If discrimination occurs, protections are available, in most situations, if a claim is filed. There are a few signs to look for if you suspect this kind of activity.

Making less money

One of the signs of discrimination is performing the same jobs that other employees perform but getting paid less because of your gender. The type of job doesn’t matter and often ranges from operating heavy equipment on the job to performing office duties. Another way that discrimination could occur in a similar fashion would be if someone were offered a raise after being on the job for the same length of time and you not being given the same opportunity because of your gender. Not getting a promotion to another job because of your gender could also fall into making less money as well.


Sometimes, you may need the support of a co-worker or an employer about an issue that you are having in the workplace. If you aren’t treated fairly or don’t get the same attention as someone who is of the other gender, then it could be discrimination. Unfortunately, this type of discrimination can extend to the owner of the company instead of stopping at the managerial level. Your supervisor may treat you as though you’re less competent if you approach the person with an issue because of your gender as well.

After being turned away from jobs and not reaching a higher salary than other workers who are not of your gender, you could approach an attorney who can offer assistance. A lawyer can speak with the employer and look at some of the details of your work history to determine if discrimination has occurred.

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