The two age groups most prone to be in a car crash, whether in New Jersey or elsewhere in the U.S., are teen drivers and drivers age 65 or older. According to a study from the Center for Injury Research and Prevention, a group at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, these two age groups are raising their risk even more because they tend to drive older vehicles, which are less safe.

ESC and side airbags are crucial

Using the NJ-SHO Data Warehouse, researchers analyzed the data on crashes that occurred in New Jersey between 2010 and 2017. They then obtained the VIN on every vehicle involved and determined the model year, vehicle type and so on. Researchers focused especially on whether the vehicles came with electronic stability control and front, side and curtain airbags.

Electronic stability control is known to reduce the risk for a crash fatality just as much as seat belts can. It helps keep a vehicle under control when driving on sharp curves and wet, slippery roads.

Older vehicles and lower income

Researchers found that teens and older drivers were less likely to drive a vehicle with electronic stability control or side airbags. Drivers from lower-income neighborhoods tended to drive older vehicles, too, regardless of age. However, researchers point out that many safer vehicles are priced under $7,000 and should therefore be feasible.

For those seeking compensatory damages

Of course, driving an older car is not negligent, but it may have contributed to more serious injuries in the accident you were in. Fortunately, you may be able to pursue a personal injury case in your effort to be compensated for your losses, including your medical expenses, lost income, vehicle repair or replacement costs and pain and suffering. Not everyone can file a third-party insurance claim in this state, so consulting a lawyer may be wise.

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