Ideally, discrimination of any kind in the workplace would be a thing of the past. However, since we don’t live in an ideal world, New Jersey residents who are working later in life may find themselves the target of age discrimination. There are several signs you can look for that will indicate you’re a victim of this disturbing practice.


As technology has become more and more prevalent in every industry, so too has the largely false assumption that older adults can’t or don’t want to understand new trends. AARP reports that a suit was brought against a large IT company that fired their longtime leader because they believed it was a “bad look” to have an older person at the head of a tech company. These assumptions are certainly a sign of discriminatory practices.

Segregation in social settings

It is not uncommon for bosses to spend time with employees outside of the workplace. It is also fair to assume that those events can lead to favoritism in the workplace. If only people below a certain age are involved in these activities outside of work, it may be due to a culture of ageism.

Read between the lines

There are many adjectives that are used to discuss younger employees. Terms such as “new blood,” “fresh-faced” or “innovative” are often the sign of a company that discredits older employees. While these may be true of the younger workers, it can also be a sign of age discrimination.

An employee of any age who believes they have been a target of discrimination in the workplace should contact an attorney who is knowledgeable of local and federal labor laws. This attorney could gather the necessary evidence and potentially help the client recoup damages.

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