Unfortunately, new laws and increased media attention have not eliminated the problem of workplace discrimination in New Jersey and across the United States. Although workers have more outlets to complain about the issue and are taken more seriously when they do so, on-the-job discrimination still happens with an alarming frequency. While harassment has come to the forefront, racial discrimination remains a challenge. A recent incident at an Olive Garden restaurant emphasizes this point.

A hostess at the restaurant who was allegedly subjected to discrimination when her boss complied with a customer’s request not to have a black server quit her job and is planning a lawsuit. The incident occurred at an Indiana location of the franchise. In her claim, the hostess claims that she did not receive what she deemed to be sufficient support from the employer and co-workers. She asserts that she was confronted with a hostile work atmosphere, harassment and retaliation.

Her legal representatives say that she had endured discrimination for an extended period but finally decided to quit when a co-worker was overheard making negative racial comments in general and about her personally. She implies that the discriminatory behavior is systemic in the area and her goal is to alter the culture so it no longer impacts workers in a negative way.

Employment violations can range from discrimination and sexual harassment to a failure to accommodate people who are disabled and wage/hour missteps. For people who have been confronted with racial discrimination or have faced other violations, legal action may be warranted. A firm experienced in employment law might be able to help.

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