When one hears the term “sexual harassment,” it is almost always assumed to be a woman who is being harassed. The culture of women as the only victims of sexual harassment has been fueled by successful lawsuits and advocacy efforts such as the #metoo movement. However, women are not the only victims of this practice. They might not draw attention to themselves as victims, but men are frequently harassed as well in New Jersey and across the country.

Differences between harassment of men and women

Women have typically been considered the more vulnerable sex. As the stereotypical strong, silent type, men are rarely perceived to be the victims in the same manner as women. Men tend to not speak up about their experience because they might be too embarrassed, or they might feel like complaining about sexual harassment does not align with the masculine image they try to portray.

Because women may consider themselves the only ones who can be the victims of harassment, they might not recognize the fact that they are actually the perpetrators of sexual harassment of men. Other men can also sexually harass men, especially in a workplace environment. Sexual harassment can include lewd comments, unwanted touching and even photos or videos of sexual materials if the behavior is unwelcome.

The reality of it

Unfortunately, incidents of sexual harassment of men are common in work environments. The longer men keep quiet about this type of treatment, the more likely it is they will suffer harm. Sexual harassment is illegal in the workplace, so both men and women have rights against unwanted behavior. If it has gotten to the point where legal intervention needs to be considered, a sexual harassment lawyer can advise a worker about their options.

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