Few people would state that driving a tractor-trailer is easy. However, some may believe that loading cargo onto an 18-wheeler doesn’t involve much strategy, only a lot of heavy lifting.

In reality, proper care and attention to safety should go into any cargo loading. Safety failures with the cargo can lead to accidents on New Jersey roads.

Cargo safety and semi trucks

Cargo loading and transport require numerous safety steps. Overlooking any actions could lead to a catastrophe, as poorly secured cargo might come loose. With open-carry loads, items could fall off the truck and cause fatal injuries. Not inspecting the loads before departure may lead to a disaster.

Another point worth mentioning is that cargo enclosed inside the trailer could move around and shift the weight. A truck driver might have a difficult time handling the vehicle. Considering the size and weight of a semi truck, the vehicle may inflict significant harm if the driver loses control.

Negligence and loading problems

Other loading mishaps could lead to a big rig accident. Overloading may be among the most common, as a truck can only handle so much weight. Putting too much cargo onto the trailer may strain the engine, resulting in operational problems. For example, the truck could gain additional speed going downhill due to the weight or struggle when going uphill. Serious accidents could happen under these circumstances.

Any negligence that contributes to cargo problems could leave the responsible party open to a lawsuit. Sadly, some accidents involve severe bodily injury or death. With proper cargo loading, those terrible incidents may have been avoidable.

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