If you’re an older worker in New Jersey, you expect to be respected and maybe even treated by colleagues as a mentor. Unfortunately, in spite of age discrimination being illegal, it happens often in the workplace. If you believe you’re experiencing discrimination, you should look for these signs.

You’re socially segregated

Activities that take place off-hours should include everyone. If you and others who are over 40 find yourselves segregated from others, including your boss, it’s a good sign that it’s due to age discrimination. This is illegal and everyone should be able to participate.

You’re on the receiving end of certain comments

Certain comments directed at you may hint at age discrimination. If your employer mentions more energy, new blood or fresh faces, it’s telling. They might even say outright that older employees are stubborn and set in their ways. This is clear-cut discrimination and shouldn’t happen.

You’re passed up for promotions or projects

Everyone, regardless of age, should have the same opportunities in the workplace. However, if you’ve passed up for a promotion, special projects, or training, you should have your guard up. If you notice that younger workers are getting those opportunities while you’re excluded from them, you have a case to file a discrimination claim.

Being asked if you’re going to retire

Your supervisor asking you if you’re going to retire soon is another form of discrimination. It’s rude, inappropriate, and can throw you off-guard. Even if you are already 65, the legal retirement age, many people these days stay in the workforce past that age.

You’re laid off due to your age

If your workplace is suddenly laying off older employees, you might be next. It’s one of the more obvious signs of age discrimination. You could have a valid claim against your employer.

You don’t have to sit back and accept age discrimination in the workplace. It’s illegal and you have the right to fight back.

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