New Jersey residents may have heard that in 2018, a female Fox News anchor parted ways with the media company. No reason was given for her departure, but the Huffington Post reported that the anchor was facing accusations of sexual harassment. The anchor’s attorney denied these claims and said they were falsely made by disgruntled employees who wanted to get back at his client.

However, The New Yorker reported in October 2020 that the anchor had indeed been accused of sexual harassment by a former assistant. It was reported that Fox News had paid the assistant $4 million to keep them from filing a lawsuit against the anchor. The New Yorker didn’t reveal its sources but claimed that they were close to the situation.

The sources claimed that the anchor would invite the assistant to her apartment and greet her while she was naked. She also allegedly showed the assistant inappropriate photos of men whom the anchor had been sexually involved with. When a law firm started to investigate, the anchor reportedly tried to pay off the assistant and then left Fox News altogether.

In a statement, the anchor claimed that the allegations were completely false and that she had never participated in any wrongdoing. She also claimed that she had mentored many women at the network and remained close friends with them. Her lawyer and Fox News did not comment on the situation.

What should an individual do if they’ve experienced sexual harassment?

Sexual harassment in the workplace can threaten to derail a person’s career. If an employee has been subjected to sexual harassment, they might wish to hire an attorney. An attorney may be able to help them pursue legal action against the offending company or individual.

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