Workers in New Jersey and elsewhere are entitled to fair treatment in the workplace. Unfortunately, many people are subject to sexual harassment on a daily basis at work. Recently, a female employee of Tesla had the last straw and sued the company for that very reason.

What does the lawsuit allege?

Sexual harassment in New Jersey and other states is illegal. Regardless, it happens all the time in all industries. Tesla is no exception as a woman who has been employed there for three years filed a lawsuit claiming that she has had to put up with catcalls and unwanted touching by male coworkers.

The woman stated that she finally had enough when she returned from a lunch break and a male coworker intimately touched her. She went to an attorney and filed a sexual harassment lawsuit. She said that it wasn’t the first complaint she made about her coworkers being inappropriate. Her managers were aware of the harassment and toxic workplace culture but failed to do anything to protect her.

Past lawsuits against the company

In addition to New Jersey sexual harassment, other types of harassment are illegal. Sadly, there are still abusers who are emboldened to continue with this type of behavior. Another former worker at the same Tesla plant filed a lawsuit alleging racial harassment. The man, who is Black, stated that he was constantly subjected to a hostile work environment that was allowed to go on.

Effects of sexual harassment at work

Workplace sexual harassment can have devastating effects on victims. They often experience anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD. Some might even need to take medical leave while dealing with all of it. The woman who works for Tesla is no exception. Sexual harassment is unacceptable. If you experience it at work, you have options for fighting back.

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