New Jersey Workplace Harassment Lawyers

If you’ve been a victim of workplace harassment there are steps you can take to hold your employer accountable for their actions. At CMS, we understand the unique challenges and emotions that come with dealing with workplace harassment. Because of this, our workplace harassment lawyers are here to help you protect your rights. 

What is Workplace Harassment?

In general, workplace harassment is hostile, offensive, abusive, and inappropriate misconduct directed toward an employee based on legally protected characteristics, such as age, sex, race, gender, disability, sexual orientation, ethnicity, and religion. Workplace harassment can create a hostile work environment and can have serious consequences for all involved. Therefore, it is critical for employees to be aware of their rights and how to report harassment if it does occur. 

Types of Workplace Harassment

The most prevalent type of workplace harassment is sexual harassment. There are two types of sexual harassment: quid pro quo sexual harassment and hostile work environment sexual harassment.  

Quid Pro Quo Harassment

Quid Pro Quo harassment occurs where submission to unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature is made a term and condition of employment, or where submission to or rejection of such behavior forms the basis for employment decisions. 

Hostile Work Environment

In general, hostile work environment sexual harassment involves unwelcomed conduct occurring because of the employee’s sex that a reasonable person would consider sufficiently severe or pervasive to alter the employee’s conditions of employment.    

Identifying Workplace Harassment

Harassment may take many different forms.  Examples of workplace harassment include requests for sexual favors, unwelcome sexual advances, unwelcome sexual contact, unwelcome jokes, or display of objects, pictures, or gestures of a sexual or degrading nature.   

Protections for Employees

Employees in the State of New Jersey have the right to a workplace that is free from discrimination, retaliation, and harassment.  Both federal and state laws prohibit workplace harassment and a hostile work environment.  In New Jersey, employees are afforded broad legal protections against harassment and a hostile work environment under the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination (“LAD”).  Indeed, the LAD prohibits hostile work environment harassment as well as quid pro quo sexual harassment. Under the LAD, employers may be liable for the misconduct of supervisors, non-supervisors, and third-party harassers.  

When to Involve a Workplace Harassment Lawyer

It can be traumatic, demeaning, and humiliating for an employee to be subject to unlawful workplace harassment and a hostile work environment. Unlawful workplace harassment often negatively impacts an individual’s physical and emotional well-being.  If you believe that you are subject to workplace harassment or a hostile work environment, it is important to retain an attorney that you trust as soon as possible to provide you with important legal counseling advice and explain your legal options.  

Consult an Experienced Workplace Harassment Lawyer

The workplace harassment lawyers at CMS are trusted counselors who provide important strategic legal advice to their clients. Our attorneys understand their clients’ needs and advocate on their behalf. If you believe you have been subject to unlawful workplace harassment or a hostile work environment, please contact Curcio Mirzaian Sirot LLC