Reckless driving puts people in danger

Civil court juries may have little sympathy for a reckless driver, especially if the driver’s behavior cost someone their life. Yet, many motorists take dangerous risks on New Jersey roads. No matter how much a reckless driver attempts to justify their behavior, causing an accident when committing this type of a moving violation may prove challenging to defend.

Reckless driving and inflicting injuries

When the actions of motorists present a blatant or deliberate disregard for others’ safety, they may be guilty of reckless driving. In many instances, a combination of impatience and poor judgment leads to reckless driving. For example, a driver who crosses a double line and travels in the wrong direction on a single-lane highway risks a head-on collision. Similar dangers may exist when driving on the shoulder or sharing lanes.

Speeding might be the most common form of reckless driving, and many people lose their lives in collisions caused by speeding drivers. Drunk driving inflicts terrible costs on bicyclists, motorcyclists, pedestrians and other drivers. Yet, thousands of drunk driving arrests continue to occur.

Reckless driving could result in life-altering harm, including spinal damage, brain injuries, organ damage and severe disfigurement. Tragically, many people die in fatal accidents spawned by reckless driving.

Losses and reckless driving

Catastrophic injuries may leave the victims suffering from financial devastation. Even those dealing with soft tissue damage and other minor injuries could deliver losses from missed work and medical care. A fatality might devastate families emotionally and financially, and they could seek compensation for any losses by filing a wrongful death lawsuit.

Police and medical reports could provide compelling evidence in court. So might eyewitness testimony. Such evidence may help sway a jury or convince a defendant to settle out of court.