Unfortunately, some working adults in New Jersey have to deal with discrimination in the workplace. Making matters worse, a new study found that employees who are victims of discrimination are more likely to find themselves getting fired or laid off.

Job loss rates for those who report discrimination

In July, researchers published their findings after analyzing over 680,000 discrimination cases from 2012 to 2016. Of the officially filed discrimination cases, 63% of those who filed a complaint eventually lost their job. As researchers looked over this data, they separated cases against types of discrimination involving age, sex, race, disability, and national origin. Most workers who lost their jobs after filing a complaint were those under the disability-related category, amounting to 67% of such claims.

Lawmakers recent steps to stop discrimination

With many workers filing EEOC complaints, people throughout the nation are calling for lawmakers to help stop workplace discrimination. One way that lawmakers are ramping up protections for workers is the passing of the Paycheck Fairness Act. This bill protects workers from getting paid less than others for performing the same type of job. It also helps move more of the burden of proof to a company instead of an employee. In the past, the burden of proof, primarily rested on an employee to prove that workplace discrimination took place. While these are moves in the right direction, some people feel that more could get accomplished to help out employees throughout the nation.

Stronger penalties and increased enforcement from lawmakers could help end discrimination in the workplace. Employers might also put stronger measures in place to protect employees if they face a discrimination lawsuit and want to avoid further legal trouble in the future.

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