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Coming Soon: The New Jersey WARN Act Amendments Take Effect On April 10, 2023

On January 10, 2023, Governor Phil Murphy signed Assembly Bill No. 4768, which amends the Millville Dallas Airmotive Plant Job Loss Notification Act (“NJ WARN Act”).  The amendments will take
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What Is A “Good Faith” Reduction In Force Under the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination?  

To establish a prima facie case under the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination, a plaintiff must demonstrate that (1) they are a member of a protected group; (2) they were
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How to handle business disputes

Benjamin Franklin is credited with the axiom that “nothing is certain except for death and taxes.”  Another thing that is certain is conflict. Conflict is inevitable among business partners, spouses,
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New York City Salary Transparency Law Now In Effect

Effective November 1, 2022, New York City employers must include a good faith salary range for every advertised job, promotion, and transfer opportunity. Who Is Covered?  The law covers all
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How to stay safe while driving during the fall

Fall in New Jersey means crisper air and beautiful colors as the leaves turn. Seasonal changes can also lead to more car accidents. Falling leaves Falling leaves are a regular
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The basics of corporate structure

Please note that this is a general overview of corporations, what they are, and how they function.  As with most legal questions, there are exceptions and nuances that we will
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Is your business prepared to face a lawsuit?

When a prepared business in New Jersey first gets news of a lawsuit, they should always have a plan in place to handle the fallout. This usually includes managing the
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Reckless driving puts people in danger

Civil court juries may have little sympathy for a reckless driver, especially if the driver’s behavior cost someone their life. Yet, many motorists take dangerous risks on New Jersey roads.
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