New Jersey workers can face discrimination on the job for a number of reasons. While there is rightly much attention focused on the issue, there are several types of discrimination that tend to fly under the radar. Awareness is the key to doing something to solve the problem.

One form of discrimination is against those who provide care for another. The problem is compounded by the fact that the U.S. does not have a paid leave law. When people must miss work time to provide care, they often find that they miss out on pay raises and promotions. This form of discrimination extends to people who care for children as well as elderly relatives.

In addition, those who are pregnant face discrimination in the workforce. Some employers perceive pregnant women as less reliable and not prioritizing their work. This discrimination continues even after the woman has given birth.

Finally, rampant age discrimination does not draw the attention that it deserves. This begins after a worker turns 45, and two out of every three workers above that age claim that they have felt the effects of age discrimination. As Americans are forced to work longer to fund retirement, this form of discrimination will only grow to be more pervasive with more older people in the workforce.

Those who have experienced work discrimination do not have to simply endure it without taking action. In tandem with an employment law attorney, they may be able to file a discrimination complaint and lawsuit against the employer who has treated them in a discriminatory manner. The law offers protections to ensure that workers’ rights are respected and that they are treated the same as every other employee. An employment law attorney may advise their clients of those rights.

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