Drivers may travel many of the same routes for years without any near misses, much less accidents. Don’t assume any New Jersey commutes come without risks, as vehicle collisions could happen anywhere at any time. 2021’s statistics involved an alarming increase in traffic deaths, and those figures reflect a trend that may not subside by 2022’s end.

The deadly statistics of 2021

Understanding the deadly accident wave of 2021 may require looking at the 2020 landscape. 2020 proved to be an unusual year due to many unexpected factors that led to fewer drivers on the road. For some, a reduced number of drivers led them to engage in speeding and other moving violations, practices not safe under any circumstances. When 2020 turned into 2021, a segment of drivers let their reckless behaviors on the road continue, leading to increased fatalities.

Of course, many drivers didn’t need any prompting from 2020’s unique situation. Whether someone engages in one-time reckless driving or is a habitual offender, an unsafe driver could cause a crash.

2021 saw many crashes that left people dead. Government agencies noted that the year saw nearly 43,000 people die in traffic accidents, a shocking figure. While not wearing seat belts played a role in some fatal collisions, negligent drivers contributed significantly to the statistics.

Negligence behind the wheel

Speeding receives a fair share of the blame for the increased fatalities, which is unsurprising. Speeding is dangerous under all circumstances since it could cause an accident or make it challenging to avoid one.

Lane-splitting and making numerous land changes without turn signals are other behaviors that open doors to personal injury lawsuits. Truthfully, any moving violation known for putting oneself and others in jeopardy may present the same legal risks.

Hopefully, someone’s misguided behavior behind the wheel won’t cause a fatal accident. However, even a minor accident comes with a potential legal fallout. Accident victims who suffer only property damage, such as a wrecked rear fender, would likely want compensation for their losses.

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